Customer Service a Dying Breed!

Posted by Mandy Smith on

Customer Service is such a dying breed.

Do you ever walk into a store and the employee totally ignores you and in their mind you know they are hoping you will just leave?

I get it all the time. I often think my aura sends out signals of 'Stop. don't help her just ignore her and she might go away'

I may not wear a lot of makeup or have a beautiful face or body but people DO NOT know me and seem to always just go off face value and ignore me or are totally rude.

Why do they not want the sale, I am as human and as capable of spending money just like anyone else but for some reason, they don't want my money?

I was at a retail show and I was very interested in a certain brand but the brand Rep just made me feel so inferior and I was so uncomfortable, All she did was look around trying to see people she knew walking by instead of talking directly to me. If I wasn't totally into the brand I would have just walked away "I did just think of doing this quite a few times". It wasn't until I started placing a big order that she started to take me seriously and treated me differently and became helpful.

It really hurts and just makes you feel like there is something wrong with yourself when there is not.

If they actually took some time to be nice they would realize I am a good person and would like to support and stock their brands.

I have worked in customer service throughout my life in different industries and have always held the utmost respect for every customer and never gone by face value with anyone. Good Customer service is such a dying breed and it has been going downhill for many years now.

How many of you have just turned around and walked out the door of a certain department store because no one was willing to give you the time of day and just kept going to the next customer and constantly avoiding you? 

This dying breed of customer service is just continuing to spiral downhill and all it does is hurt the business they are representing, let alone the person they are treating as if they had some sort of infectious disease they may catch if they speak to them, do they not realize that it is very demoralizing when they do this to customers? Could this be classified as bullying?  

How many of you, when treated with respect and get acknowledged in a store, are more likely to purchase something because they make you feel special or go that extra mile? 

It's really not that hard to be polite to EVERYONE and treat them all how you would like to be treated yourself!

STOP putting a price or personality on face value, It's not hard to talk to everyone the same, it is called RESPECT!!!! 

Just because someone does not look how you think they should look does not mean they should be treated any differently.

Here at Bohemian Inspire, I treat EVERYONE the same as I believe we are all beautiful inside and out no matter what you wear, how you look, wear your makeup etc. NO ONE should be taken by face value EVER! 

I know we all look at people and come to our own conclusions, but how many times have you actually gotten into a conversation with those people only to find out your face value or intuition couldn't have been further from the truth? We all make assumptions this is part of life and our journey for learning but when it comes to being in a business we need to put this part of us aside and treat absolutely everyone with the same respect and generosity we would ourselves.

So next time you are in a store and you are being ignored if you have enough courage ask the customer service person "is there something wrong with me?" and see what happens.

Or walk up and flash a credit card at them and tell them they missed out on a huge sale for being so rude and maybe next time they should treat everyone the same.

I knew of a lady once who dressed in old clothing and looked like she couldn't afford to feed herself let alone buy nice clothing, but little did most people know she was actually quite rich and a lovely lady at that, looks or first impressions usually mean nothing as underneath their facade is usually the most honest and lovely person (money or not) but most people just won't give them the time of day. 

Just another reason I started this business to show that good customer service does still exist and I really aim to give my all when it comes to being the best at it.







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