Easter Competition

Welcome back!

I have decided to have an Easter competition. It is quite easy really all you need to do is guess how many eggs are in the jar? 

Like I said easy right!

In the comments section write how many you think are in the jar and if you get it right you will get to choose a free Tote Bag of YOUR choice. 

Make sure you have signed up to Bohemian Inspire so I can email your special code to you within 24hrs if you get the answer correct. 

If you do get it right remember to keep it a secret 🤐🤫 as the competition will continue until the 30th of March.

So if you get the correct number and you receive your code via email all you need to do is with your next purchase head over to the tote bag section and choose which one you would like add it to the cart and then in the checkout pop your unique code in and the tote bag will be FREE!

Checkout the video and hop down to the bottom of the page and start guessing.

*One guess per person - unless you receive notification to try again 😉*


  • Bohemian Inspire

    Thank you everyone for joining in on the competition, unfortunately, nobody got the correct amount it was 113 eggs. Very Tricksy I knows but was fun, and for everyone that entered you will all receive a code to collect your free tote bag the next time you shop online with Bohemian Inspire. So check your emails for your special code :)

  • Jo Harrison

    I’ll try 75

  • Bohemian Inspire

    Everyone can have a nother go :)

  • Krystayn

    I have never had any luck trying these as I have no idea how to calculate it, but I’ll have a guess that there are 186 eggie-freds :-)

  • Kathryn Grogan


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