How To Measure Clothing For That Perfect Fit

Hi so how many of you have purchased items of clothing from online stores after reading their size guide and thinking they would fit only to have them arrive and they don't fit at all, most of you right?

Well this is where I come into it, I have come up with a system that will help you make sure what you are buying is the right size for you every time.

You will only need to do these steps once and you will have your correct size each time you purchase.

I can tell you right now that NO dress or item of clothing even from the same brand name is ever the same size and the variations can be quite dramatic.

It could be their standard size 12 is actually more like a 14-16 or even just the length of some garments varies inaccurately.

I have measured things twice sometimes, especially where length is concerned as a smaller size could be longer than a bigger size (now this doesn't happen that often but it does happen) and believe me even a few centimeters difference can be the decision breaker for some people.

Remember though these sizes will only work if you follow my video step by step and measure your own garment that you already know fits you perfectly.

It only works on the measurements from Bohemian Inspire. The measurements you take will not work with other online stores as the majority only give you a STANDARD sizing chart and these measurements are done differently to how I do them. 

So now all I ask is you watch the video on how to measure your own garment (if you haven't already) and write down your sizes and then you are set, keep those sizes on your fridge or even in your phone, somewhere you know you can quickly refer to every time you want to make a purchase. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

You will save your time in costly returns and not being able to have the dress you loved because you had to return it and they no longer have the size you want in stock.

Please note you will need to measure one of each ie: Maxi dress, Mini dress, Fitted dress, Skirt or Pants, depending on what you want to order. But once you have these measurements you don't need to do them again.

If you have your sizes but are unsure about an item and it's fit just PM me and I will be happy to help you out.

The dress I am measuring you will find here

Be the Goddess you always wanted to be and Get that Perfect Fit Every time!



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  • Paula Henderson

    Awesome video hun…very very helpful!!! Great idea to do this for us. Thankyou…your awesome!!! ?

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