How to make a Maxi Dress look SEXY!

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We all know that relationships can get lets see 'boring' is the term frequently used a lot by most people. 

I know some of you won't agree and that is fine, but I know this is true for 80% of you. Over time we become complacent in our marriage or relationship and forget about the love we used to share with one another at the beginning. 

Remember those moments of feeling weak at the knees and having butterflies every time your partner walked into the room? Cuddling on the couch watching tv or just holding hands whilst out with friends.

The first couple of years of getting to know one another is usually the best and then we lose sight of what we really have.

Work and other commitments start to get in the way, we grow older and more tired and just start to come up with excuses to push the other one away.

Well what if I could tell you, you could have those days back?

You're probably just going "yeah right what would she know?"

Let me tell you, I had a young girl on the weekend who purchased a dress and was hoping to be ravished by her partner because she hoped he would think she looked amazing in it. Here is the hint I gave her.



Undo all the top buttons of the dress, have a beautiful lacey bra underneath and see what happens. The girl and her friend were so impressed with the idea.


Add some thigh high long boots and you will definitely get lucky tonight 

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