What color Best Suits Your Skin Type

Skin Color and What Colors To Wear

Have you ever wondered why certain colors just look terrible on you or make you look washed out?
It is because certain skin colors match better with different colors.

Here are 2 simple easy ways to finding out what your skin color is and what colors are best suited to you.
Now this is not a be all and end all on what colors you should or should not wear as you may absolutely love a certain color but it just does not sit very well on you so instead of wearing that color from head to toe as in a maxi dress you can still wear it but more as an accent color so in the form of a belt or bag or even shoes, that way if you love a certain color it can still become a staple in your wardrobe.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry and free from any sort of makeup or face creams. You will need to do this in natural daylight as artificial light can change the color especially since most of us have different color lighting throughout our houses.
Grab a piece of plain white paper and hold it up to your face. Now compare how your skin looks compared to the paper.

Yellowish, Greenish or light brown means you have a warm skin tone.
Pink, Rosy or Blue is a cool skin tone
Gray or Ashy means you have a neutral skin tone.

Now, remember the above is correct but it can also change depending on the seasons as some of us are browner due to tanning through the spring and summer months but our skin tone may be cooler during the winter months so this also needs to be taken into consideration.

Also if you have any skin conditions or are very tanned at the time you do this you may want to ask a friend to help you and do the test on the crease behind your ear where it will be your true color.

Now, most of you will already know your skin tone but not really know what colors are better suited to you so this will help you to choose colors that will bring out your inner glow.

Examine the veins on your wrists. If your veins are blue then you are cool toned, If they appear to be greenish or olive in color then you are warm toned and if you cannot really tell what color they look like then you are neutral.
People who are usually cool toned tend to burn easily whereas warm toned people tend to tan and not burn.

I know I am cool toned, My veins are bluish in color and I also burn badly in the sun and have never tanned my whole life.

So here are some colors that suit each skin tone, now remember it is not a hard and fast rule but it may explain why you look fabulous when you wear certain colors and rather drab when you wear others.

Cool skin tones don't always mean you have lily white skin darker skin can still be classed as cool toned and they will see their veins as bluish in color so it is all really dependant on what you see on the paper and also the wrists that will tell you exactly what your skin tone is.

Warm skin tones look great in Oranges, Warm Reds (coral) (not bright reds), Yellows, Amber and Honey Gold

Then there are also Cooler colors you can wear that include Warm Greens and blues like Olive and Deep Turquoise, Green Moss and Red Purples,
Your Neutral tones are Taupe, Hot Chocolate, Creamy White, Cream and Latte
Your colors you should only wear as complimentary (or even a skirt just not near the face) are Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby Red.

Cool Skin Tones look great in Bright Blue, Royal blue, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Deep Purple, Lavender and Lilac

Your warmer colors are Deep Pink, Cerise, Ruby red and Bright Rose
Your Neutral colors are Gray, Navy and White
Colors you should wear as complimentary are Oranges and Yellows

Now like I said I am cool toned and I do have yellow in my wardrobe but it is more of a mustard and not a real yellow which I think looks OK and where it says white looks good on my skin tone, I don’t like white on me so as you can see it is not set in stone but it will give you a rough guide as to what is more suited to your skin type and what colors are harder to pull off.

Neutral Skin Tones (most people with Neutral skin often have hazel eyes) your go to colors are Light Peach, Dusty Pinks, Soft rose, any blush tone pinks, Med. Blue, Jade and Green.

Your Neutrals are Grays, Off-Whites
Neutral tones can usually get away with most colors just avoid the very bright colors with this skin type.

Colors that can complement any skin tone are Blush Pink, Emerald Green, Dark Red and Deep Purple (eggplant)

Now remember there is no hard and fast rule but at least now you might have a better idea of what may or may not look good on your skin, and maybe even try some of the colors that you would never have thought of and add some new variety to your wardrobe.

This is just a guide to help you understand a little more about your skin color and what colors to wear that could help you look refreshed and bring out your natural glow. Blush pink is said to be the perfect color for everyone and is highly regarded as bringing out your natural skins glow so it may be a color you want to try on next time you are in a store and see if you need to add this color to your wardrobes collection.

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