Wrong Dress Designs and Colors

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You may wonder why sometimes when you order a dress online and what you get is not the same as the picture?

Well here is why.

I just fell into the trap of listing an item with the stock image but to only receive the dress and the design is slightly different to the image I ordered from.

I always hand measure each item and have been trying to make sure I photograph every item myself. Although this last week I have been unable to organize my model and have just used stock images from the actual supplier only to find out that the dresses are different to what I saw and ordered from?  (wrong dress design and color)

This is one of my pet peeves and I am learning the hard way that things need to be done properly or mistakes happen. Now I know a lot of places only use the supplied stock images which is why so many have returns every single day which is what I am trying to avoid for both you the customer and me the supplier. I want to make sure you get what you ordered every single time! This is why I go that extra mile.

Here is the image I ordered from

The dress even looks to be Full-length maxi, the red is pretty much the same but the print is slightly different and so is the length.

Now this is what I received (wrong dress design but the color is pretty good)

Can you spot the difference? 

Here is the dress on a model

Once again this is a stock photo and the color is not quite right but the detail and length are, so it is not quite a maxi as specified but more of a midi dress.

These are just some of the issues we all face when buying online as we can only go off the information we are given by the suppliers and hope they are correct.

So from this day forward, NO ITEMS will be added to my web page unless I have taken the photos myself even if this holds up getting new dresses online. This way at least you know what you see is exactly what you will get, I may still add some of the stock images (only if they are what the item actually looks like) but I will also have my own images which you can rely on. In saying this you still need to take into consideration on whether the monitor you are viewing on is calibrated or not as this makes a huge difference in color. (see blog post Why is my dress NOT the same color as I ordered?)

I brought a dress online once that had similar issues like this and what I received was not the same as what was pictured, but unfortunately the online store was not very nice about the whole ordeal and even blocked me from all forms of contact when I pointed the issue out to them, I want to be able to make sure I am giving you EXACTLY what you see including the measurements so you know as well as I do that what you see is exactly what you will get and every one remains happy. 





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