Tarifa Soul

Tarifa Soul was born at the end of 2014 in Tarifa. It is the sum of a dream, the love of fashion, the search for the different and the passion for the design of unique pieces made by hand. It is also a desire: to bring special products to all. And a constant challenge: to surprise me and that each piece falls in love with me as much or more than the previous one.

Each collection is inspired by different cultures and authentic women, free, adventurous and very feminine. It is more than a brand, Tarifa Soul, as its name indicates (soul of Tarifa) is a way of living inspired by this place without equal, the place that I have become my port. A place with a bohemian lifestyle, secret corners and dreamy sunsets.

Everything chosen with great care. Each piece of our hand-made collection is unique and is what gives meaning to Tarifa Soul, each of us is unique and special.



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